West Port Book Festival Programme 2011 Launch

On Wednesday the 21st of September a crowd of literary enthusiasts gathered inside Edinburgh Books in the West Port for the Launch of the West Port Book Festival Programme. There was plenty of cup-cakes and refreshments to get everyone in a good mood.

Hannah Adcock welcoming everyone to launchHannah Adcock welcomed everyone to the launch and gave us an update of the Festival and the choice of the October date.

Hannah also told us about the fundraising through Broke to Book Festival in 50 days with IndieGoGo.

Continuing, Hannah also mentioned that there was a chance to do some live Tweeting using the hash tag #LoveBookshops

Hannah had some very good news in the form of a new bookshop that is going to open in the area, Pulp Fiction in Bread Street. More information below.

After making all welcome Hannah handed over to Peggy Hughes to launch the programme.

Peggy telling everyone about the West Port Touch Mobile AppPeggy started by telling us about the Mobile App (West Port Touch) that allows people to browse the programme on their mobile phones. The App is free to download, try it now, and was supplied by Trevor Mills, a.k.a. Top Quark.

A big round of applause and a big thank you was given to Trevor for his work in supplying the App.

After distributing the 2011 West Port Festival Book Festival Programmes, which is now available live on the West Port Book Festival Website.

West Port Book Festival Programme

When all had a copy of the programme, Peggy thanked all the Sponsors, Advertisers, Printers, Venues and all who had donated through IndieGoGo for their support and wished all who had turned up a very good evening.

The guest list is too long to put here, but just to mention a few, Emily Dodd, Andy Wightman, Chris Scott, Dilan Moran, Al Innes, Steve Rapaport, Claire Stewart, Woodstock Taylor, Michael MacLeod, Colin Fraser and a great many more.

And before I forget a Great Big Thank you to Nicola who was our barmaid for the evening and worked tirelessly throughout the night supplying all with refreshments in good measure.

Nicola serving tirelessly at the Bar

More launch pictures from Chris Scott @chrisdonia available here.

Pulp Fiction leafletPulp Fiction
One of the best pieces of news on the evening was the news that a new bookshop ‘Pulp Fiction’ was opening on the 29th September.

Proprietor Steve Rapaport of ‘Pulp Fiction’ was present to provide information about his new shop.

Steve said the shop will be Edinburgh’s most comprehensive genre-fiction bookshop.

A spacious community venue, it will offer thousands of recent and classic mystery, fantasy, romance, crime, and science fiction novels, accompanied by tea, sofas, events and music.

Art on the walls will generally be arresting and usually for sale.

Cakes may be present.

Come for a ripping good yarn and a latte, and emerge a week or a decade later, shaking off stun rays, enchantments, seduction or spycraft.

Pulp Fiction
43 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AH
Tel: 0131 229 4444
Website: www.pulp-books.com

Pulp Fiction opens on Thursday 29th September 2011.

Books piling up for sale at the new bookshop Pulp Fiction, Bread Street


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