Leith Rules GS versus Bruntsfield Short Hole GC at Leith Links

Leith Rules GS and Bruntsfield Short Hole GC teams at Leith Links

On a fine sunny evening in Leith, golfers once again gathered on the historic Leith Links to enjoy a game of Gouf.

Teams from the Leith Rules Golf Society and the Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club were in attendance for their annual match during Hickory Open Week.

The Leith Rules Golf Society was formed to celebrate the setting down of the original “Rules of Golf” in 1744 and the Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club was formed in 1895 following the original six hole course, dating back to the early 1400s, having beenrestyled into the now very popular thirty-six short hole course.

In keeping with the history of the golf played on the Links, the match was played with historic hickory clubs and old golf balls.

The course for Hickory Week consists of 5 holes laid out between Links Gardens in the west and Seafield Place at the east end of the Links along the full length of Gladstone Place. Each hole is played twice resulting in a challenging 10 hole course.

The Leith Franklin Academical Cricket Club who play cricket on Leith Links allow the golfers to use their Pavilion for the duration of Hickory Open Week and the course is set-up with assistance from Winterfield Golf Course.

The two teams are divided into pairs and the four matches are played as foursomes, best ball, match play.

Alastair Chalmers of Leith Rules GS starts the match with a beautiful drive at the 1st hole.

The first match on the tee was Alastair Chalmers & Eugene Bradley, representing Leith Rules GS against Jimmy Robertson & Ian Fleming representing Bruntsfield Short Hole GC. The match was very close with Bruntsfield winning 2 & 1.

The second match between Pat Denzler & Robin Morris (LRGS) and Gordon Cochrane & Michael Angelini (BSHGC) was won by Bruntsfield 3 & 2.

The third match was between Jim Maguire & Chester Kruk (LRGS) and William Wright & John Hargreaves (BSHGC) with Bruntsfield winning 2 holes up. This was the last match to finish and it was finished in spectacular style with John Hargreaves putting his second shot from off the green straight into the hole for a two.

The last match on the tee was David Maguire & Brian Graham (LRGS) and Stuart Rose & David Rintoul (BSHGC) the match was won by Leith Rules GS 3 & 2.

The matches were played in there usual friendly manner and enjoyed by all.

The famous Leith Links GS Pie and BeansRetiring to the Pavilion after the match the players enjoyed a plate of Pie & Beans and a drink at the bar.

After the meal Brian Graham once again thanked the players for the sporting nature of the play but was dismayed at the defeat. Leith Rules GS had played Musselburgh Old Course GC the night before and also lost and were looking for victory.

The Captain of the Bruntsfield SHGC, Jimmy Robertson, thanked Leith Rules GS for their hospitality and thanked the catering staff, Evelyn Brown and Evelyn Hislop, for preparing the meal and their service behind the bar.

Jimmy Robertson invited the Leith Rules to the Bruntsfield Links for the return match over the Short Hole Course on Thursday 28th of July.

Brian Graham with the maquette of John Rattray which the LRGS hopes to erect on Leith Links. Click for more details.Brian Graham then got to his feet again and asked his team to stand and toast the winners of the match.

After the formalities the players relaxed in the pavilion and talked about golf and all agreed it had been a good night.

On Saturday 9th July the “premier” event the Hickory Open takes place over the same course. An entry form for the event is available on the Leith Rules GS Website.

Leith Rules Golf Society

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club

Artist's impression of the John Rattray statue in situ on Leith Links. Courtesy LRGS.