Lupe Pintos Authentic Mexican Cooking Class

Dougie Bell at the launch of Half-Canned Cooks in Bennet's Bar 2010After Hours at Lupe Pintos 7.00-9.00pm.

Glasgow, 313 Great Western Road – Tuesday 21st June

Edinburgh, 24 Leven Street – Wednesday 22nd June

Tamales? Gorditas? Tortillas? Sopes? – Masa Harina (100% corn flour) produces a whole host of Mexican dishes.

Dougie Bell will cook dishes from The Half Canned Cooks.

Tickets £20 in advance
Includes the book or groceries if you already have the book.

To Book Please Call:
Glasgow – 0141 334 5444
Edinburgh – 0131 228 6241

Lupe Pintos the chili and spice shop