Flashlight Mob Torch The Causey

On Wednesday evening, 9th March 2011, I joined fifty cheery people of all ages help light up The Causey.

The event, PopUP Lighting at The Causey, led to the lighting up of two hstoric buildings, the Buccleuch and Greyfriars Free Church on West Crosscauseway and The Chapel of Ease on Chapel Street.

There was also a very clever group who worked on the traffic island, lightpainting to create some fantastic images.

We met at the Southside Community Centre at 6.15pm and after coffee, sandwiches, biscuits and a tin of chocolates, there was a short presentation, then after being divided up into three groups we progressed to The Causey.

On arriving at our destination we were given large torches and some colour film. These powerful torches were used to light up the buildings with some spectacular effects.

It was a cold and rainy evening but half way through Isobel came round with Mars bars which were very welcome.

After more fun and games, including playing at shadow puppets on the wall of an adjoining building, we adjourned to 56 North to watch the rushes on a big screen TV and enjoy a complimentary drink from the landlord.

Pictures by kind permission of the The Causey Development Trust project led by Natalie Bell of KSLD and her colleagues.

A complete set of images are available on Facebook.