100th Inches Open Golf Championship

The Inches Trophy with Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, in the Background.The 100th playing of the famous “Inches” Open Golf Championship will take place over the historic Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Course from Monday 11th to Friday 15th August, 2014.

The Inches Trophy was first presented for play in 1904 by Sir Robert Kirk Inches, one of the co-founders of the well-known family business, Hamilton & Inches, jewellers and silvermakers, of George Street, Edinburgh.

The competition is open to all amateur golfers, Ladies and Gentlemen, 14 years and over. and will be limited to the first 32 golfers to apply.

The Inches Trophy and medals will be presented after the final on Friday 15th August.


Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals presented by
Hamilton & Inches Ltd, 87 George Street, Edinburgh.

Play starts at 18:00 Monday to Friday. See Fixture List.

The Secretary, B.S.H.G.C., 27 Buckstone Dell, Edinburgh EH10 6PG. Phone 0131 445 2705

Entries closed. Draw Tuesday 5th August, 2014, after Summer Medal..

Previous Winners of the Inches Trophy

Social Media Call 27 at the Lyceum Theatre

“27” a new play written by Abi Morgan and directed by Vicky Featherstone is a joint production between the Lyceum Theatre and the National Theatre of Scotland.

Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street

Compared to the front of the Lyceum the Stage Door was a hive of activity with photographers, reporters, bloggers and tweeters waiting for the start of the Social Media/Media Call.

There was also a lot of traffic on the usually quite Cornwall Street with cars, vans and lorries unloading programmes, sound equipment and even a delivery of flowers.

When we were admitted to the Lyceum we were shown into the auditorium in front of the stage and the plays director Vicky Featherstone and NTS Press Officer Andrew Neilson went through the programme.

I had met Vicky Featherstone and Andrew Neilson previously at a Social Media Call at the Traverse Theatre and was made to feel very welcome.

Vicky said that the programme would consist of a few key scenes from the play. These scenes were acted through twice to give the photographers a chance to line up their shots. This was very advantageous for the less experienced attendees such as myself.

Abi Morgan’s play “27” is an examination of a lifestyle in decline, but one whose dignity and faith could hold the key to the issues of our time – our ageing population and the decline of our minds. This is an important and human play about loneliness, ageing, science and the loss of sense of self.

Nicholas Le Provost and Maureen Beattie in a scene from 27

The play is based on research carried out by David Snowdon which is contained within the book Ageing with Grace.

After agreeing to the study Doctor Richard Garfield and his team come to the convent every year to test the nuns who are willing to take part. This union will change their lives forever. For Ursula the study brings more challenges than she could ever have imagined and rocks her faith and her hitherto cloistered existence to its core.

When the on stage performances finished we were given the opportunity to talk to members of the cast, Maureen Beattie and Emma Hartley-Miller. The director Vicky Featherstone also joined us in the Lyceum Bar.

Emma, Maureen and Vicky in Lyceum Bar

Vicky went through the challenges she encountered in directing this complex play. Maureen Beattie and Vicky spent some time at a convent while “27” was in pre-production and spoke of their admiration of the nuns they met.

Emma talks about 27Maureen and Emma spoke about how, as a group, the cast had discussed and moulded the play. They also said the cast had fallen in love with the play and their characters.

Abi Morgan and Jenny Watt who had done a lot of the research for the play both attended the Media Call.

The set and costumes were designed by Merle Hansel, lighting design by Natasha Chivers and sound design and music composed by Nick Powell.

The full cast is: Maureen Beattie (Sister Ursula Mary), Emma Hartley-Miller (Audrey Marie Hague), Finn den Hertog (Dr. Sam Parker), Molly Innes (Sister Ruth Augustine), Libby King (Dr. Helen Jarvis), Colette O’Neil (Sister Miriam Masden), Nicholas Le Provost (Dr. Richard Garfield) and Benny Young (Dr. Jonathan Lees).

Visit The Royal Lyceum Theatre Website for additional discussions about “27”.

The National Theatre of Scotland Website.

The world première of ’27’ runs at The Lyceum Theatre from Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 12th November 2011.

Performances Tuesday – Saturday Evenings at 19:45pm and Matinees, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 14:30pm on 26th & 29th (October) and 2nd, 5th & 12th (November).

Another scene from 27

West Port Book Festival Programme 2011 Launch

On Wednesday the 21st of September a crowd of literary enthusiasts gathered inside Edinburgh Books in the West Port for the Launch of the West Port Book Festival Programme. There was plenty of cup-cakes and refreshments to get everyone in a good mood.

Hannah Adcock welcoming everyone to launchHannah Adcock welcomed everyone to the launch and gave us an update of the Festival and the choice of the October date.

Hannah also told us about the fundraising through Broke to Book Festival in 50 days with IndieGoGo.

Continuing, Hannah also mentioned that there was a chance to do some live Tweeting using the hash tag #LoveBookshops

Hannah had some very good news in the form of a new bookshop that is going to open in the area, Pulp Fiction in Bread Street. More information below.

After making all welcome Hannah handed over to Peggy Hughes to launch the programme.

Peggy telling everyone about the West Port Touch Mobile AppPeggy started by telling us about the Mobile App (West Port Touch) that allows people to browse the programme on their mobile phones. The App is free to download, try it now, and was supplied by Trevor Mills, a.k.a. Top Quark.

A big round of applause and a big thank you was given to Trevor for his work in supplying the App.

After distributing the 2011 West Port Festival Book Festival Programmes, which is now available live on the West Port Book Festival Website.

West Port Book Festival Programme

When all had a copy of the programme, Peggy thanked all the Sponsors, Advertisers, Printers, Venues and all who had donated through IndieGoGo for their support and wished all who had turned up a very good evening.

The guest list is too long to put here, but just to mention a few, Emily Dodd, Andy Wightman, Chris Scott, Dilan Moran, Al Innes, Steve Rapaport, Claire Stewart, Woodstock Taylor, Michael MacLeod, Colin Fraser and a great many more.

And before I forget a Great Big Thank you to Nicola who was our barmaid for the evening and worked tirelessly throughout the night supplying all with refreshments in good measure.

Nicola serving tirelessly at the Bar

More launch pictures from Chris Scott @chrisdonia available here.

Pulp Fiction leafletPulp Fiction
One of the best pieces of news on the evening was the news that a new bookshop ‘Pulp Fiction’ was opening on the 29th September.

Proprietor Steve Rapaport of ‘Pulp Fiction’ was present to provide information about his new shop.

Steve said the shop will be Edinburgh’s most comprehensive genre-fiction bookshop.

A spacious community venue, it will offer thousands of recent and classic mystery, fantasy, romance, crime, and science fiction novels, accompanied by tea, sofas, events and music.

Art on the walls will generally be arresting and usually for sale.

Cakes may be present.

Come for a ripping good yarn and a latte, and emerge a week or a decade later, shaking off stun rays, enchantments, seduction or spycraft.

Pulp Fiction
43 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AH
Tel: 0131 229 4444
Website: www.pulp-books.com

Pulp Fiction opens on Thursday 29th September 2011.

Books piling up for sale at the new bookshop Pulp Fiction, Bread Street

Lupe Pinto’s After Hours Paella Night

Dougie Bell Cooking at his recent Mexican Night

Paella cooking demo – the do’s and don’ts of Spains National dish. Fun and informal.

Refreshements and samples on the night.

Tickets £20 in advance, includes the book, The Half Canned Cooks (£12.00), and some Paella Rice.

Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

To Book Please Call:

Glasgow – 0141 334 5444

Edinburgh – 0131 228 6241

Glasgow, 313 Great Western Road – Monday 5 September

Edinburgh, 24 Leven Street – Wednesday 7 September

Lupe Pinto’s Chili and Spice Shop

Lupe Pintos Chili and Spice Shop, 24 Leven Street, Edinburgh

Leith Rules GS versus Bruntsfield Short Hole GC at Leith Links

Leith Rules GS and Bruntsfield Short Hole GC teams at Leith Links

On a fine sunny evening in Leith, golfers once again gathered on the historic Leith Links to enjoy a game of Gouf.

Teams from the Leith Rules Golf Society and the Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club were in attendance for their annual match during Hickory Open Week.

The Leith Rules Golf Society was formed to celebrate the setting down of the original “Rules of Golf” in 1744 and the Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club was formed in 1895 following the original six hole course, dating back to the early 1400s, having beenrestyled into the now very popular thirty-six short hole course.

In keeping with the history of the golf played on the Links, the match was played with historic hickory clubs and old golf balls.

The course for Hickory Week consists of 5 holes laid out between Links Gardens in the west and Seafield Place at the east end of the Links along the full length of Gladstone Place. Each hole is played twice resulting in a challenging 10 hole course.

The Leith Franklin Academical Cricket Club who play cricket on Leith Links allow the golfers to use their Pavilion for the duration of Hickory Open Week and the course is set-up with assistance from Winterfield Golf Course.

The two teams are divided into pairs and the four matches are played as foursomes, best ball, match play.

Alastair Chalmers of Leith Rules GS starts the match with a beautiful drive at the 1st hole.

The first match on the tee was Alastair Chalmers & Eugene Bradley, representing Leith Rules GS against Jimmy Robertson & Ian Fleming representing Bruntsfield Short Hole GC. The match was very close with Bruntsfield winning 2 & 1.

The second match between Pat Denzler & Robin Morris (LRGS) and Gordon Cochrane & Michael Angelini (BSHGC) was won by Bruntsfield 3 & 2.

The third match was between Jim Maguire & Chester Kruk (LRGS) and William Wright & John Hargreaves (BSHGC) with Bruntsfield winning 2 holes up. This was the last match to finish and it was finished in spectacular style with John Hargreaves putting his second shot from off the green straight into the hole for a two.

The last match on the tee was David Maguire & Brian Graham (LRGS) and Stuart Rose & David Rintoul (BSHGC) the match was won by Leith Rules GS 3 & 2.

The matches were played in there usual friendly manner and enjoyed by all.

The famous Leith Links GS Pie and BeansRetiring to the Pavilion after the match the players enjoyed a plate of Pie & Beans and a drink at the bar.

After the meal Brian Graham once again thanked the players for the sporting nature of the play but was dismayed at the defeat. Leith Rules GS had played Musselburgh Old Course GC the night before and also lost and were looking for victory.

The Captain of the Bruntsfield SHGC, Jimmy Robertson, thanked Leith Rules GS for their hospitality and thanked the catering staff, Evelyn Brown and Evelyn Hislop, for preparing the meal and their service behind the bar.

Jimmy Robertson invited the Leith Rules to the Bruntsfield Links for the return match over the Short Hole Course on Thursday 28th of July.

Brian Graham with the maquette of John Rattray which the LRGS hopes to erect on Leith Links. Click for more details.Brian Graham then got to his feet again and asked his team to stand and toast the winners of the match.

After the formalities the players relaxed in the pavilion and talked about golf and all agreed it had been a good night.

On Saturday 9th July the “premier” event the Hickory Open takes place over the same course. An entry form for the event is available on the Leith Rules GS Website.

Leith Rules Golf Society

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club

Artist's impression of the John Rattray statue in situ on Leith Links. Courtesy LRGS.

Retail Shop Unit for rent at 5 Home Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JR

The newly refurbished retail unit for rent at 5 Home Street is next to the very successfull James-Morrow Home Entertainment and the Cafe Class. There are two floors available for public use and a loading bay in front of the shop.

Retail Shop Unit to rent at 5 Home Street, Edinburgh.For more information about the shop, which is in the centre of Tollcross, or if you have any queries please call 07588 652 410.

There is also a strong Traders Association in the area, the Tollcross Traders Association.

Retail Shop Unit to rent at 5 Home Street, Edinburgh.

Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society 250th Anniversary Golf Tournament

Bruntsfield Short Hole Golf Club Starters Hut. Picture: David Rintoul.On Saturday, 18 June 2011, a replica of the original 6 hole golf course will be layed out across Bruntsfield Links from Bruntsfield Terrace to Spottiswoode Road. This will be similar to the original course which was changed in the 1890s to form the present 36-hole Short Hole Course.

The Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society, which dates back to 1761, are holding an Anniversary Golf Tournament with hickory clubs and period dress.

The 36-hole Short Hole Golf Course will be closed for this historic tournament which will take place on Bruntsfield Links on Saturday, 18th June 2011.

Due to safety issues, some paths crossing the area of the Short Hole Golf Course on Bruntsfield Links will closed at various times from 8am until 5.30pm, but alternative access routes will be available on the next pathway over the Links.

The main Leamington Walk will be open at all times and stewards will be on site to assist on crossing points.

If you require any further information, please call the South Edinburgh Local Office on 0131 529 5151.

Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society.

Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh. Picture: David Rintoul.

Lupe Pintos Authentic Mexican Cooking Class

Dougie Bell at the launch of Half-Canned Cooks in Bennet's Bar 2010After Hours at Lupe Pintos 7.00-9.00pm.

Glasgow, 313 Great Western Road – Tuesday 21st June

Edinburgh, 24 Leven Street – Wednesday 22nd June

Tamales? Gorditas? Tortillas? Sopes? – Masa Harina (100% corn flour) produces a whole host of Mexican dishes.

Dougie Bell will cook dishes from The Half Canned Cooks.

Tickets £20 in advance
Includes the book or groceries if you already have the book.

To Book Please Call:
Glasgow – 0141 334 5444
Edinburgh – 0131 228 6241

Lupe Pintos the chili and spice shop

Is Greyfriars Bobby getting his lamppost back.

The pavement refurbishment on George IV Bridge could include a replcement lamppost for Greyfriars Bobby.

The current pavement refurbishment on George IV Bridge.

The statue situated on Candlemaker Row was unvieled without ceremony in 1873.

It was erected by Baroness Angelia Georgina Burdett-Coutts, President of the Ladies Committee of the RSPCA, with the permission of the City Council.The original statue contained a fountain for the public with bronze cups chained to it and at ground level a drinking trough for dogs. Bronze cups were used because the copper in the bronze kills germs and is hardwearing. They new a thing or two in those days.

Tell tale signs. Two plastic pipes for the wiring of the Lamppost.

There was also a gaslight behind the statue which illuminated the statue at night. This light was cut down to the height of the railings and stoppered when the city streetlights were converted to electricity. After a further refurbishment it was removed altogether

Now there are tell-tale signs that the City Council is replacing the lamp during the refurbishment of the pavements on George IV Bridge. To plastic pipes can be seen behind the statue of Bobby suitable for electric cables.

This idea of replacing the light at the famous and most photographed statue in Edinburgh came from the One o’clock Gun and Timeball Association.

Local historian George Robinson has recently compiled ‘The Greyfriars Bobby A-Z in fact & fiction’.

The book is available from Edinburgh Books, West Port, priced £5.00.

McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives 33% Extra Free, or is it?

2 Packets of McVities Digestives Dark Chocolate variety

Displayed are two packets of McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives bought recently in the Tollcross area of Edinburgh from large High Street Stores/Supermarkets.

Both packets are the same size 400g and cost exactly the same price.

Apart from the packaging, can you spot a difference?

The Best Before date on the one with the 33% Extra Free is the 5th November 2011 and the Best Before date on the VIP Club packet is 12 November 2011.